Distillers Blend


An Gael Distillers Blend

  • Cask

    First Fill American Oak ex-bourbon

  • Nose

    Dry fruit with the unmistakable American oak note prominent on the nose

  • Palate

    Lingering pleasant mouth feel follows the citrus and soft fruit start. Fresh grain balances with the deep savoury malt flavours

What we present to you, is a premium brand image which embodies deep Irish historical & cultural references, which the team at An Gael Whiskey are passionate about! Through the lens of a premium brand Irish Whiskey, we want to share the stories of the Gaels in a unique and cutting-edge manner to our customers across the Globe.
An Gael Irish Whiskey Distillers Blend is triple distilled in copper pot stills, classically aged in American Oak ex-bourbon casks.
We blend it the North of Ireland and to a very approachable 40% alcohol content (80 proof).
This whiskey is a great sipper, to be enjoyed as seen although the addition of a single rock will help it bloom.

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