Ireland’s Next Great and Top-Selling Whiskey

An Gael's blended whiskey emerges from the heart of Irish distilling traditions, crafted to meet the tastes of a modern audience. Ready for distribution, An Gael Irish Whiskey is expanding its reach across Europe and beyond, inviting connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike to experience Ireland's next notable whiskey.

Whisky Bible

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible rating: 89 out of 100

An Gael Distillers Blend hefty on the Midleton-style rock hard grain but an attractive Custardy sweetness on the secondary limb; clean, salivating and again fortified by that Midleton-style hardness. But there is a gorgeous layer of lighter barley sugar which gives a softer, more salivating hue; rare for the finale of a blend to outdo the delivery.

But the unraveling of those now slightly nutty sugars and the light fattening of oils works wonders.

And it isn't finished yet: it sweetens towards cherry cake and custard creams; well didn't expect this. Similar to blends using two types of grain, though l'd be surprised if that is the case. But complex and deeply satisfying in an at once simple yet complex kind of way. Delicate, to be sure. 40%

A New Whiskey For A Growing Market

People seem to always want more Whiskey.

A global market projected to hit $110 Billion by 2032.

That growth brings an opportunity and interest in what’s new.

An Gael is ready to offer retailers another great choice.

A new premium Irish Whiskey brand for 2024 and beyond.

Jim Murray Whiskey Bible Ranking

Teeling 15 Years


Jameson Gold Reserve


An Gael Distillers Blend


Kilbeggan Traditional Irish Whiskey


West Cork Bourbon Cask


Familiar In the Right Ways

An Gael is authentic Irish Whiskey with a taste loved by everyone.

Triple distilled in copper pot stills, classically aged in American Oak ex-bourbon casks.

Blended to a very approachable 40% alcohol content (80 proof).

This whiskey is a great sipper, to be enjoyed straight, although adding a single rock will help it bloom.

  • Bold Grain Foundation

    The whiskey opens with a robust Midleton-style grain profile, presenting a clear, mouthwatering texture reinforced by its solid core.

  • Balanced Sweetness

    A layer of lighter barley sugar emerges, offering a softer palate with unexpectedly salivating notes. It's a rare delight when the final notes surpass the initial experience.

  • Complex Finish

    The finale unfolds with slightly nutty sugars and a subtle richness from the oils, evolving into a surprising hint of cherry cake and custard creams.

  • Unexpected Complexity

    It teases with the complexity of a dual-grain blend yet remains enigmatic. This whiskey is a study in contrasts—simple yet intricate, delicate yet satisfying, with a 40% ABV that ensures a memorable savor.

  • Nose

    Dry fruit with the unmistakable American oak note prominent on the nose.

  • Palate

    A lingering pleasant mouth feel follows the citrus and soft fruit start. Fresh grain balances with the deeper, savoury malt flavours.

How An Gael Irish Whiskey Started

  • 1

    From Garage to Glory

    We began our whiskey-making adventure in a garage, teaching ourselves the art of distilling step by step. Our hard work paid off when our gin won significant awards, even named Ireland’s second-best.

  • 2

    Whiskey Making

    After our success with gin, we started making whiskey. We took our time to make it right, and now, after waiting for it to age, we're excited to share our very first bottles.

  • 3

    2023 and Beyond

    This year is notable because it's when we introduce An Gael Irish Whiskey to the world. It's all about sticking to tradition and taking the time to make something great.

Interested in Working with An Gael?

It’s time to bring An Gael to the world, and we’re looking for distributors to help make that happen.

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More Than a Business, A Way of Life

They say you can't escape history.

We ask why you would want to.

At An Gael, history is our teacher.

A storyteller, a guide, and a source of strength.

It’s that strength that took the Irish to the new world.

And it’s how we find our way forward, once again landing on western shores.

It’s in America that we once again bring the old Irish.

An Gael is whiskey made in the original Irish way.

We’ve taken what works from the past and brought it back.

Whiskey that is original, classic. Whiskey from our roots.

We’re excited to bring our Ireland to the west.

To show the world the fearlessness of the Gaels.

To build a new Irish legacy with old friends and new.

To make the next great whiskey on the island of Ireland.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

We can’t wait to reintroduce you to the old Irish and to An Gael.

If you’d like to know more, you can reach us here.

The team at An Gael Whiskey


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